2017 Projects

Rosemary is currently working as a storyteller and storygatherer for several Vancouver based organizations. Rose is  providing behind the scenes support support for Marie Clements’s opera ‘Missing’ as well as working on the next iteration of ‘Storyweaving’. Rosemary is expanding ‘We Have Stories’ and looking at writing the history of her lost grandmothers.

Rosemary Georgeson is involved with several organizations and 2017 productions including:

MISSING, an opera with a Libretto written by Marie Clements, composed by Brian Current

WEAVING RECONCILIATION,  a theatrical production co-written by Rosemary Georgeson, Renae Morriseau and Savannah Walling

STORYTELLER with the Vancouver Biennale

SEASONS OF THE SEA, commissioned by Vancouver’s Vetta Chamber Music as a companion piece to Vivaldi’s Four Seasons and created in collaboration with Coast Salish/Sahtu Dene storyteller Rosemary Georgeson,

CROW’S NEST AND OTHER PLACES SHE’S GONE, dance-theatre work by Olivia C. Davies, developed in collaboration with Coast Salish storyteller Rosemary Georgeson. This work highlights women’s stories of travel and transitions, based on Contemporary Aboriginal vocabularly and story-weaving.


LANTERN FILMS, storygatherer


UNIVERSITY OF BRITISH COLUMBIA, guest lecturer, various classes


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