Rosemary is a Sahtu Dene and Coast Salish artist, writer, and storyteller. 
The recipient of the 2009 Vancouver Mayor’s Award recognizing her as an emerging artist in community arts, Rosemary has applied her talents in dozens of theater, film, and performance projects throughout Canada. Rosemary was the 2014 storyteller in residence for the Vancouver Public Library.
She is currently researching her Coast Salish ancestry for her latest multimedia project.

On March 8th ‘Being Strong’, a short film featuring Rosemary Georgeson will be playing at the Vancouver International Women in Film Festival.



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  1. Hello Rosemary,
    I’m not sure whether you remember us. We (Peeroj and Henning) had worked with UrbanInk on the storybox project in 2010. Currently we are thinking/planning a new project and would like to talk to you about it. If this email reaches you please give us a call. We hope all is well with you and appreciate your time.


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